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Renters Insurance

“Can you afford to lose everything in your apartment or rental house to fire. theft or accident?”


Renters Insurance

Renter’s property and liability insurance is one of the most overlooked and under-used coverages.  Yet it is extremely important.  Remember, your landlord is responsible for the building, not your personal property.


Special Considerations

  • Value of all your personal property – furniture, clothing, DVDs, jewelry et al.
  • Personal liability for accidental injuries to visitors or guests
  • Medical payments to others in case of accident
  • Additional living expenses if you lose use of your apartment
  • Money, silverware, securities, credit card, jewelry protection


Rental Insurance Cost-imator Chart

Use this chart as a guide. E-mail us for quote or call 413-534-7355.
We can give you a firm quote, based on the value of your property, over the phone in minutes.

  $15,000     $ 135.00
  $20,000     $ 160.00
  $25,000     $ 180.00
 $ 220.00
 $ 275.00
           *Estimated costs based on current premium rates
           for one of the quality companies we represent.

For specifics about renter’s insurance coverage features:  www.iii.org