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Life Insurance


Our personal and business life insurance services begin with a Fact-Finding interview. 

life insuranceThe focus of this interview is always on your objectives and your needs.  We then present recommendations with options for your  review and decisions.

Special considerations


  • Family income protection to meet your living standard
  • Pay off debt obligations such as a mortgage, car or education loans or retail credit card balances
  • Settle estate tax or other estate obligations
  • Pay for children’s college education
  • Invest life policy proceeds for retirement income
  • Use cash value in a whole life policy for borrowing or as collateral


  • Fund a “buy and sell” agreement with a partner or other owners
  • Compensate company for loss of a key person
  • Pay off creditor debts of sole proprietor who dies
  • Provide group insurance benefits for employees 
  • Use cash value in a whole life policy for borrowing or as collateral

Types of life insurance

Generally speaking, there are two basic types of life insurance: Term and Cash Value. Term policies provide life insurance for a specific period time and create little or no cash value. Cash value polices usually last for the lifetime of the person who is insured.  They have a cash accumulation feature that can be used for collateral or borrowing.  

There are many variations of term and cash value policies which our life representative will be pleased to review with you.

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For descriptions of life insurance policy types www.iii.org


How much life insurance is enough?

A popular rule of thumb amount cited is 5 times your household income. But it really depends on your overall financial situation and objectives. If you’re concerned about having adequate coverage for your family, call or E-mail us.


What is Mortgage Insurance?

It is a life, credit life or disability income insurance policy specifically designed to pay off an unpaid mortgage loan balance or make the monthly payments on a mortgage, if you are injured, ill or die.


Disability income plans

Individual and group disability insurance provides income when a person is injured or ill and temporarily unable to work or is permanently disabled.  The odds of suffering a short-term disability during a work career is relatively high. Disability income insurance enables a family to pay living expenses and maintain its standard of living.