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Auto Insurance

The best auto insurance policy is the one that provides just the right coverages for your situation, at the right cost. 

auto insurance

For example, what are the right coverage amounts for property loss or damage?  For personal liability coverage?  Should you buy substitute transportation coverage?  What’s the right deductible choice?  Do you need uninsured motorist protection?

Special Considerations

  • Home/Auto account discount
  • Selection of deductible amount
  • Safe driver credit
  • New youthful driver in the family
  • Anti-theft and safety device credits
  • Senior driver credit
  • Low mileage credit
  • Public transportation credit
  • In-car devices (phone, computer, GPS et al.)
  • Extra liability coverage (“umbrella”)

We’ll review these and other special considerations with you as we help you find the right auto insurance. We will also recommend which of the companies we represent is best for you.

For specifics about auto insurance coverage features:  www.iii.org

Auto Insurance Anti-Theft Device Discounts

Alarm Systems: Among the more prudent loss prevention steps you can take is the installation of alarm systems for you car (and your home too). Discounts for alarm systems are available in varying amounts depending on the type of alarm installed and operating. Your Goss & McLain Insurance service representative will review the benefits of each and the discounts available.

Auto Insurance Deductible Options

One of the most popular ways to reduce the cost of automobile insurance is to select a higher deductible option.  While your share of any loss you suffer will be greater, your annual premium savings can add up to a substantial savings and an offset.  Essentially, you are “self-insuring.”  Your Goss & McLain service representative can show you how it works and how much you can save.